Jack Finkelstein (Chair)
Alan R. Buckwalter, III
W. Blair Waltrip
Edward E. Williams


Establishes guidelines and polices for the investment of trust funds held by independent trusts (the "Trusts"). The Trusts consist of funds collected by SCI relating to preneed funeral sales, to preneed cemetery merchandise and services sales and to cemetery perpetual care collections, in accordance with applicable state laws. These funds are then deposited with a financial institution ("Trustee") qualified to do business within that state's jurisdiction.

Oversees the Trustees and whether the Trusts' assets are prudently and effectively managed by the Trustees. The Investment Committee may replace a Trustee if it determines that the Trustee is not acting in the best interest of the Trust.

Works in conjunction with the Investment Operating Committee of SCI, a committee comprised of senior SCI officers, which supports the Investment Committee by providing day-to-day oversight of the Trust funds. The Investment Committee's policies are implemented through the Investment Operating Committee of SCI.

Appoints an investment consultant (currently LCG Associates, Inc.) who reports directly to the Investment Operating Committee of SCI and the Trustees. The investment consultant screens and monitors performance of the mutual funds and investment managers; and makes recommendations to the Investment Operating Committee and Trustees relative to the engagement of mutual fund and/or investment managers. The investment consultant reviews the investment portfolios with the Investment Committee at least once a quarter. The information is then forwarded to the Trustees for their review.

o By law, the Trustees are ultimately responsible for all investment decisions. However, the Investment Committee recommends investment policies and guidelines, and the Investment Operating Committee recommends mutual fund and investment manager changes to the Trustees based on the advice of the investment consultant.