2003 Committee Charter : USU

I. Purpose
The Regulatory and Government Affairs
Committee is appointed by the Board of
Directors to monitor the indicators of the
Corporation's compliance with regulatory
requirements, oversee the Corporation's
initiatives with and involving various
agencies of the United States government
and applicable State governments and advise
the Board on regulatory and other
governmental considerations in the Board's
deliberations and decision-making
II. Composition
The Committee is comprised of three or
more Directors. Members of the Committee
are nominated by the Nominating and
Governance Committee and are elected for
one-year terms by a majority of the Board.
Vacancies on the Committee are filled by
majority vote of the Board.
III. Responsibilities
The Committee has the following duties and
a) To inform the Board of significant
regulatory (nuclear, environmental, and
occupational safety) issues that could
have an effect upon the Corporation.
b) To ensure that the Corporation's
regulatory posture and conduct reflect
honest and open communication with
regulators, and ensure that one or more
of the Corporation's officers meet at
least once a year with one or more
Commissioners of the Nuclear
Regulatory Commission.
c) To ensure that a corporate regulatory
vision is maintained by the Corporation,
that appropriate regulatory performance
indicators are maintained, and that the
Corporation's performance is monitored
against those indicators.
d) To brief the Board on a semi-annual
basis regarding the regulatory
performance of the Corporation.
e) To provide oversight and guidance to
Management of the Corporation with
respect to the Corporation's initiatives
with or involving the United States
government and applicable State
f) To periodically brief the Board
regarding the Corporation's relationships
with the U.S. government and applicable
State governments.
g) To perform such other duties as from
time to time shall be requested by the
h) After each of its meetings, to report to
the Board regarding any actions taken by
the Committee at each meeting.
IV. Subcommittees
The Committee has the authority to appoint
subcommittees to carry out any of its
responsibilities and to delegate thereto such
power and authority as it deems appropriate,
but the Committee shall not delegate any
power or authority required by any law,
regulation or listing standard to be exercised
by the Committee as a whole.
V. Evaluation of the Committee
The Committee will annually evaluate its
performance under this charter. The
Committee will address all matters that the
Committee considers relevant to its
performance, including the adequacy,
quality and appropriateness of the
information and recommendations presented
by the Committee to the Board. The
Committee will report to the Board the
results of its evaluation, including any
recommended amendments to this charter
and any recommended changes to the
Corporation's or the Board's policies and
VI. Outside Advisors
The Committee may conduct or authorize
investigations into or studies of matters
within the Committee's scope of
responsibilities, and may engage, at the
Corporation's expense, such independent
counsel and other advisers, as it determines
necessary to carry out its responsibilities
without seeking Board approval.
The Committee has sole authority to retain
and terminate a consultant to assist the
Committee in carrying out its
responsibilities and to approve the
consultant's fees and other retention terms,
which fees are to be borne by the