2003 Committee Charter : UTX

I. Purpose
The Public Issues Review Committee (the "Committee") shall be a standing
committee of the Board of Directors. The purpose of the Committee shall be to
review and oversee the Corporation's positions on significant public issues and
corporate social responsibilities.
II. Composition
The Committee shall be comprised exclusively of non-management directors.
III. Meetings
The Committee shall meet as required and normally meets four times annually.
The Committee may meet more frequently and, as the Committee may require in
fulfilling its responsibilities, it may meet privately with outside experts and
advisors and members of management.
IV. Responsibilities
The Committee shall review and monitor:
A. The Corporation's positions and responses to significant public policy issues,
including but not limited to the Corporation's compliance with applicable laws,
its policies and objectives with respect to safety, the environment and
affirmative action plans for equal employment opportunities, its positions
taken in legislative, regulatory and judicial forums, and its actions in
furtherance of corporate social responsibility;
B. The Corporation's policies and practices with respect to contributions to
charitable, educational and other tax-exempt organizations involved in the
arts, civic and community affairs, education and health and human services;
C. The Corporation's conduct of its public policy and government relations
activities, including the activities of any political action committees; and
D. Other matters that may be referred to it by the Board from time to time.
The Committee shall also report annually to the Board on its assessment of the
Committee's performance as a group.
V. Authority
The Committee shall have full access to all management and authority to consult
independent experts or other advisors, including sole authority to retain and
terminate any such advisors and to approve their fees and other retention terms.