2003 Other Charter: FON

SPRINT CORPORATION CHARTER OF EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE I. COMMITTEE PURPOSE The primary function of the Executive Committee is to exercise the powers of the Board of Directors on matters of an urgent nature which arise between regularly scheduled Board meetings. II. COMMITTEE COMPOSITION The Executive Committee will be comprised of four members; the Chairman and CEO, the chair of the Audit Committee, the chair of the Capital Stock Committee and the chair of the Compensation Committee. The Chairman and CEO will serve as chair of the Executive Committee. III. COMMITTEE MEETINGS The Executive Committee will meet when a meeting is called by the chair of the Executive Committee, who will call a meeting whenever a matter requiring urgent attention arises. The Executive Committee may meet in person or telephonically. The chair or his or her designee will preside over all meetings of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will report any action taken by it to the Board. IV. PRINCIPAL COMMITTEE RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES To fulfill its responsibilities and duties when called in response to a matter requiring urgent attention, the Executive Committee will exercise all powers of the Board other than those powers reserved for the full Board or another Board committee under applicable laws or regulations, the Charter of another Board committee, or the Corporation's Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws (e.g., filling vacancies among the directors, declaring dividends, retaining outside auditors).