2003 Other Charter: SO

The Southern Company
Nuclear Oversight Committee
The Nuclear Oversight Committee of the Board of Directors of The Southern Company is
charged with broad responsibility for review and oversight of the Company's nuclear generating
policies and facilities.
Duties and Responsibilities
The Committee shall maintain general oversight and shall report to the Board of Directors
regarding significant information, activities, and events relative to the following nuclear
generation areas:
  • Safety,
  • Public policy considerations,
  • Waste and environmental policy,
  • Industry events and advances,
  • Compliance with governmental regulatory actions and requirements (Nuclear Regulatory
  • Compliance with findings of self regulatory organizations (Institute of Nuclear Power
    Operations), and
  • Facilities operational performance
    In addition, the Committee may also meet periodically with nuclear oversight committees of
    operating subsidiaries.
    The Committee and its chairman shall be appointed by the Board of Directors and shall be
    composed of one or more members.
    The Committee shall meet as such times and locations as deemed appropriate by the Chairman of
    the Committee.