2003 Committee Charter : PBI

Corporate Responsibility Committee Charter

I. The Corporate Responsibility Committee shall monitor the Company's law and ethics compliance programs to ensure that such programs are reasonably designed to cause accurate and timely information to be reported to management and the Board, as appropriate.

II. The Committee shall monitor the Company's policies and programs concerning stockholders, customers, employees, government affairs, and the communities in which the Company operates, and shall ensure that they accurately reflect the Company's Business Practice Guidelines, including the Statement of Values. Among the policies and programs which the Committee may review in any given year are those related to employee relations (e.g., education and training, diversity, health and safety); customer relations; investor relations; postal matters; community affairs; government relations (including any advocacy efforts undertaken by the Company on public issues); charitable contributions; and product safety.

The Committee shall report periodically to the Board on the programs, policies, and practices with respect to which it has oversight responsibility.

The Committee shall determine whether modifications in the Company's program, policies or practices (including the Business Practice Guidelines) or adoption of new programs, policies or practices, should be recommended to the Board of Directors.