2003 Committee Charter : XEL

Xcel Energy Inc. Operations and Nuclear Committee Charter

A. Authority.

The Operations and Nuclear Committee is granted the authority by the Board of Directors to perform each of the specific duties set forth in this Committee Charter. The Operations and Nuclear Committee will be provided adequate resources to discharge its responsibilities and will receive staff support from Xcel Energy's Delivery Services, Retail Services, and Regulated Energy Supply areas as well as from the Nuclear Management Company.

B. Responsibilities.

The Operations and Nuclear Committee shall assist the Board of Directors in oversight of the non-nuclear and nuclear operations of the Company and its subsidiaries, the electric and gas delivery operations, and retail services operations. In performing this function, the Committee has the responsibility to provide counsel to the Chief Executive Officer and senior executives and to review: appropriate issues such as safety aspects of operations, operating plant performance indicators; delivery system services quality and reliability performance indicators; current issues; personnel staffing levels, training and development practices in operations; progress toward specific goals; and quality assurance. The Operations and Nuclear Committee shall also oversee each Xcel Energy Company's relationship with the communities in which it operates.

C. Specifications.

The Operations and Nuclear Committee shall:

1. Provide oversight of nuclear and non-nuclear operations.

2. Review operational decisions and investment plans that may have a material effect on performance.

3. Review environmental compliance for Xcel Energy.

D. Meetings.

The Operations and Nuclear Committees shall meet three times during the calendar year and at such other times as may be requested by its Chairman.

E. Meeting Attendance.

A majority of the members of the Operations and Nuclear Committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any meetings of the Committee. The executive officers in charge of delivery services and regulated energy supply shall be the coordinating officers for the Committee and attend all meetings as appropriate. Other management representatives shall attend as necessary.

F. Supporting Material and Agendas.

The Committee Secretary and the appropriate Business Unit Presidents shall prepare the meeting agenda for approval by the Committee Chairman. The agenda and all materials to be reviewed at a Committee meeting shall be provided to the Committee members at least five days prior to the meeting date.