2003 Other Charter: ITT

Corporate Responsibility Committee Charter

I. Purpose

1. The purpose of the Corporate Responsibility Committee is to review and define the Company's responsibilities as a good corporate citizen.This includes review of legal, regulatory, intellectual property and governmental policy matters; review of compliance policies and programs; business ethics; and major claims and litigation as well as advertising and other community relations activities.

II. Responsibilities

1. Reviews and makes recommendations concerning the Company's roles and responsibilities as a good corporate citizen.

2. Reviews the Company's advertising program and other activities involving community relations, major charitable contributions and promotion of the Company's public image.

3. Reviews form of Annual Report to Shareholders, Proxy Statement and related materials.

4. Reviews preliminary form 10-K and Management's Discussion and Analysis.

5. Reviews regularly and considers the Company's programs and policies for effecting compliance with laws and regulations involving the environment, safety and health.

6. Meets regularly with the Company's Corporate Compliance Officer to evaluate the adequacy and efficacy of the Company's Code of Corporate Conduct including review of any violations of the Code.

7. Reviews and considers the Company's policies and efforts with respect to compliance with government contracts, international laws and regulations and export control.

8. Reviews and considers major claims and litigation involving the Company and its subsidiaries.

9. Reviews ERISA Compliance.

10. The Corporate Responsibility Committee shall review and assess its performance on a periodic basis.

III. Membership and Organization

1. The Corporate Responsibility Committee shall be composed of at least three members.