2003 Other Charter: DTE

Nuclear Review Committee
Purpose: To provide oversight and review of Detroit Edison's Fermi 2 nuclear facility, focusing on matters such as staffing, personnel selection, training and retention, adequacy of funding, internal performance review and internal safety review.
Duties: Review safety performance of the Company's nuclear facility.
Review the impact of changes in regulation on the Company's nuclear facility including technical trends in the nuclear area.
Review long-term strategies and plans for the Company's nuclear facility.
Review plans for the fueling of the facility including disposition of radioactive wastes from the facility.
Review policies and staffing of nuclear personnel.
Review the security of the nuclear facility.
Review the adequacy of resources in the nuclear area.
Review the financial performance of the Company's nuclear facility.
Make regular reports to the Board, keep the Board informed of matters that come before the Committee and advise the Board of any developments that the Committee believes should have Board consideration.
Undertake other responsibilities as directed by the Board of Directors.
Review the minutes of the Fermi 2 Regulatory Review Group meetings.

Authority: The Committee shall have the authority to perform the duties listed in this charter.
Meetings: The Committee shall meet as necessary, but in any event not less than three times per year.