2003 Committee Charter : CIN

Charter of the
Public Policy Committee
Of the Board of Directors
of Cinergy Corp.
The Public Policy Committee will meet a minimum of two times a year. It will meet at
other times as requested by a committee member, another Cinergy Board member, or
an officer of the Corporation.
The Public Policy Committee's role is that of oversight, review, and where appropriate,
direction and approval of policies and actions of the areas and functions of the
Corporation under its overview consistent with the Corporation's Corporate
Sustainability Commitment. The Public Policy Committee will report to the Cinergy
Board for its information and/or approval of its overview and actions in the following
Corporate areas and functions.
Corporate Sustainability is a fundamental principle that recognizes that the
implementation of Cinergy's core values leads to improved quality of life and the longterm
success of the company and its stakeholders. Cinergy's core values of Social
Responsibility, Economic Progress, and Environmental Improvement are bound within
the framework of ethical business practices.
1. Equal Opportunity
Oversee and review annually for the Board a report on, among other items,
holding company's and operating companies' equal opportunity programs. They
will concentrate on the Corporation's commitment to equal opportunity and a
work place free from discrimination, balanced by promotions based on
2. Political Action
Oversee and review Cinergy, PSI, and CG&E legislative lobbying and political
activities on the local, state, and federal level, insuring that they are consistent
with Corporate goals, image, and good citizenship. Overview and review all
Corporate and subsidiaries PAC activities and contributions.
3. Environment
Oversee and review all Corporate and subsidiaries' environmental activities and
compliance in areas such as waste disposal, vendor compliance, purchase
property environmental assessment, and Global Climate challenge.
4. Corporate Citizenship
Oversee and review management's commitment, overall plans, and strategies in
the areas of Corporate citizenship, ethics, social responsibility, and community
affairs to insure they are on line with Corporate goals and image.
5. Charitable Activities
Participate in the decisions and directions of the Cinergy Foundation. Ensure it
has a philosophy, purpose and management that is based on the furtherance of
charitable purposes and Corporate goals, citizenship, and social responsibilities.
6. Corporate Compliance
Oversee and review Corporate performance and compliance with other policies
and legal requirements as designated by the Cinergy Board.