NOMINATING COMMITTEE




                                ACTEL CORPORATION




     The  purpose of the  Nominating  Committee  is to ensure  that the Board of

Directors  is  properly  constituted  to  meet  its  fiduciary   obligations  to

shareholders  and the  Company.  To  carry  out  this  purpose,  the  Nominating

Committee  shall:  (1)  assist  the Board by  identifying  prospective  director

nominees and to recommend to the Board the director nominees for the next annual

meeting of  shareholders;  and (2) recommend to the Board director  nominees for

each committee.




     o    The  Nominating  Committee  shall be composed of no fewer than two (2)



     o    All members of the Nominating  Committee  shall meet the  independence

          requirements of (i) NASDAQ Rule 4200 and (ii) the rules of the SEC.


     o    The  members  of the  Nominating  Committee  shall  be  appointed  and

          replaced by the Board.




     o    Evaluate the current composition and organization of the Board and its

          committees, determine future requirements, and make recommendations to

          the Board for approval.


     o    Determine on an annual basis desired Board qualifications,  expertise,

          and  characteristics  and conduct searches for potential Board members

          with  corresponding  attributes.  Evaluate  and propose  nominees  for

          election to the Board.  In  performing  these  tasks,  the  Nominating

          Committee  shall have the sole  authority to retain and  terminate any

          search firm to be used to identify director candidates.


     o    Form and delegate authority to subcommittees when appropriate.


     o    Evaluate  and  make   recommendations  to  the  Board  concerning  the

          appointment of directors to Board  committees,  the selection of Board

          committee chairs, and propose the Board slate for election.


     o    Consider  shareholder nominees for election to the Board and establish

          appropriate   procedures  for  communications   from  shareholders  to



     o    Evaluate  and  recommend   termination  of  membership  of  individual

          directors for cause or for other appropriate reasons.


     o    Work with the Board on succession  planning and  evaluating  potential

          successors to executive management positions.


     o    Make reports to the Board no less frequently than annually.


     o    Review and re-examine this Charter  annually and make  recommendations

          to the Board for any proposed changes.


     o    Annually review and evaluate the Nominating Committee's performance.


     o    In performing its  responsibilities,  the Nominating  Committee  shall

          have the  authority  to  obtain  advice,  reports,  or  opinions  from

          internal or external counsel and expert advisors.