(Adopted by the Board of Directors on December 22, 2004)


The Corporate Governance & Nominating Committee shall be directly responsible for recruitment and evaluation of incumbent and new candidates for election to the Board of Directors.


The Board shall appoint the members of the Corporate Governance & Nominating Committee annually. All members of the Committee shall be independent of the Company’s management and free of any relationship that would compromise their exercise of independent judgment as Committee members. Directors eligible for re-nomination during the current calendar year are not eligible for appointment as members of the Committee for the current year. Each member of the Committee must satisfy all applicable qualification and independence requirements set forth in the rules and regulations of applicable regulatory organizations.


The Committee shall meet as frequently as necessary but no less than annually. The Committee shall also meet at the request of the Chief Executive Officer or a majority of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall designate a Chairperson of the Committee. The Committee Chairperson shall approve an agenda in advance of each meeting. A majority of the members of the committee shall constitute a quorum. The Committee shall maintain minutes or other records of its meetings and activities.

The Committee shall, through its Chairperson, report regularly to the Board following the meetings of the Committee, addressing the matters designated by this Charter and such other related matters as the Committee may deem appropriate.


The Committee may conduct or authorize investigations into any matters within its scope of this Charter. The Committee may also take any other action permitted by applicable laws, rules and regulations necessary to accomplish any action authorized by this charter.

The Committee may conduct meetings in executive session with members of the Board of Directors or new candidates (in each case, either individually or jointly) to effect the appropriate environment of communication and coordination for the Company’s control environment.

The Committee may request reports from the Chief Executive Officer or General Counsel. The Committee may also retain (and determine the funding for) experts to advise or assist it, including outside counsel, search firms or other advisors, and the Company must provide sufficient funding for any such assistance.


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Table of Contents


The scope of Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee responsibilities is as follows:




Board of Directors Candidate Evaluation




Determine whether candidates meet the minimum qualifications for election pursuant to the Company’s Charter, Section 1.09 of the Company’s Bylaws and all applicable laws and regulations to which the Company is subject, including the determination whether an existing or proposed Board member meets all standards of independence established by applicable regulatory organizations.




Determine whether the background, experience and expertise of any candidate to the Board of Directors is in the long-term interests of shareholders. In its sole discretion, the Committee may consider the current composition of the Board of Directors and its Committees, the number of directors meeting all “independence” standards imposed by applicable regulatory organizations, present and future business activities and plans, the representation of the diverse communities and geographies served by the Company and any other factors the Committee deems appropriate.




Corporate Governance Compliance




Facilitate and coordinate all meetings of independent directors required by all regulatory organizations. The Committee may appoint one or more independent directors as liaisons to non-independent directors, management or shareholders as it deems appropriate.




Coordinate and report to the Board of Directors an annual evaluation of the Board’s performance.




Review director compensation and recommend any changes to the Board of Directors.




Review the suitability of this Charter and the Company’s corporate governance practices and recommend any changes to the Board of Directors.




At least annually, assess any emerging legal or regulatory issues that may have a material effect on the Company’s corporate governance policies, practices or reports in the future.


The Committee is to serve as an independent and objective party to monitor the Company’s corporate governance practices and facilitate the effective governance of the Company based its evaluation of the composition and conduct of the Board of Directors.


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