NOMINATING COMMITTEE CHARTER
1.  Purpose.  The  purpose of the  Nominating  Committee  (the  "Committee")  of
GlobeTel  Communications  Corp. the  ("Company") is to (a) identify  individuals
qualified to become members of the Board of Directors (the "Board"),  consistent
with criteria  approved by the Board,  and to select,  or to recommend  that the
Board select,  the director  nominees for each annual  meeting of  stockholders;
oversee  the  evaluation  of the Board and  management;  and (d) take such other
actions within the scope of this charter (this "Charter") as the Committee deems
necessary or appropriate.
2.  Membership.  All members of the Committee will be independent  directors (as
determined  by the Board) under the  independence  requirements  of the American
Stock  Exchange  and  applicable  law.  The  members  of the  Committee  will be
appointed by and serve at the discretion of the Board.  Committee members may be
removed at any time by a majority vote of independent directors.  The Board will
appoint the Chairperson of the Committee.
3. Specific  Responsibilities  and Duties.  The Board delegates to the Committee
the express  authority to do the following,  to the fullest extent  permitted by
applicable law, rules and regulations, and the Company's charter and Bylaws:
      (a) Board  Composition.  Evaluate the size and  composition  of the Board,
      develop  criteria for Board  membership,  and evaluate the independence of
      existing and prospective directors.
      (b)  Candidates  and  Nominees.   Actively  seek  and  evaluate  qualified
      individuals  to become new  directors  as needed.  Review and  develop the
      Board's  criteria for selecting  new  directors,  including  standards for
      director  independence.  Establish  procedures  to  solicit,  review,  and
      recommend  to  the  Board,   potential   director   nominees  proposed  by
      stockholders  and reassess,  as needed,  the Nominating  Committee  Policy
      attached hereto as Annex A. Select or recommend that the Board select, the
      director nominees for the annual meeting of stockholders.
      (c) Current  Directors.  Review the  suitability  of each Board member for
      continued  service  when his or her term  expires and when he or she has a
      significant change in status.
      (d) Committees.  Make recommendations to the Board as to qualifications of
      members  of the  Board's  Committees,  Committee  member  appointment  and
      removal, and Committee reporting to the Board.
      (e) Oversight of Board,  Management and Committee  Evaluations.  Take such
      steps as the Committee
      deems necessary or appropriate with respect to oversight of the evaluation
      of the Board, management, and each Board Committee.
      (f) Review  Charter.  Review and  reassess  the  adequacy of this  Charter
      annually and  recommend  any proposed  changes to the Board for  approval.
      Publish the Charter as required by applicable law and as otherwise  deemed
      advisable by the Committee.
      (g)  Orientation  and Education.  Develop with  management and monitor the
      process of orienting new directors and  continuing  education for existing
      (h) Other  Actions.  Perform  any other  activities  consistent  with this
      Charter,  the  Company's  Bylaws and governing law as the Committee or the
      Board deems necessary or appropriate.
4. Meetings. The Committee will meet with such frequency,  and at such times, as
its Chairperson,  or a majority of the Committee,  determines. A special meeting
of the Committee may be called by the  Chairperson  and will be called  promptly
upon the request of any two Committee  members.  The agenda of each meeting will
be prepared by the  Chairperson  and  circulated to each member of the Committee
prior to the  meeting  date.  Unless the  Committee  or the Board  adopts  other
procedures, the provisions of the Company's Bylaws applicable to meetings of the
Board will govern  meetings of the  Committee.  At each  regular  meeting of the
Board,  the  Committee  will give a report  regarding  any actions  taken by the
Committee since the last regular meeting of the Board.
5. Minutes. The Committee will keep minutes of each meeting.
6. Reliance; Experts; Cooperation.
      6.1 Retention of Counsel and Advisors. The Committee has the power, in its
      discretion,  to retain at the Company's  expense such independent  counsel
      and other  advisors and experts,  as it deems  necessary or appropriate to
      carry out its duties.
      6.2  Reliance  Permitted.  In carrying  out its duties,  the  Committee is
      permitted and will act in reliance on management,  the independent  public
      accountants,  internal auditors,  and outside advisors and experts,  as it
      deems necessary or appropriate.
      6.3  Investigations.  The Committee has the power, in its  discretion,  to
      conduct any  investigation  it deems necessary or appropriate to enable it
      to carry out its duties.
      6.4  Required   Participation  of  Employees.   The  Committee  will  have
      unrestricted  access to the independent public  accountants,  the internal
      auditors,  internal and outside  counsel,  and anyone else in the Company,
      and may require  any  officer or employee of the Company or the  Company's
      outside counsel or independent public accountants to attend any meeting of
      the Committee or to meet with any members of, or  consultants  or advisors
      to, the Committee.
Process  for  Evaluating  and  Selecting   Potential  Director   Candidates  The
Nominating  Committee (the "Committee") is responsible for annually  identifying
and recommending to the Board of Directors of GlobeTel Communications Corp. (the
"Board")  the  nominees to be  selected by the Board for each annual  meeting of
stockholders.  The Committee is also  responsible  for  periodically  assessing,
developing and  communicating  with the full Board  concerning  the  appropriate
criteria to be utilized in evaluating potential director nominees.
Minimum  Qualifications  for Director Nominees The Committee has established the
following minimum criteria for evaluating prospective board candidates:
o Reputation for integrity, strong moral character and adherence to high ethical
o Holds or has held a generally  recognized  position of leadership in community
and/or  chosen  field  of  endeavor,   and  has  demonstrated   high  levels  of
o Demonstrated  business  acumen and  experience,  and ability to exercise sound
business  judgments  and common  sense in matters that relate to the current and
long-term objectives of the Company.
o Ability to read and understand basic financial  statements and other financial
information pertaining to the Company.
o Commitment to understand the Company and its business,  industry and strategic
o Commitment and ability to regularly  attend and participate in meetings of the
Board of Directors,  Board Committees and stockholders,  number of other company
Boards on which the  candidate  serves and  ability  to  generally  fulfill  all
responsibilities as a director of the Company.
o Willingness to represent and act in the interests of all  stockholders  of the
Company rather than the interests of a particular group.
o Good health, and ability to serve.
o For prospective non-employee directors,  independence under SEC and applicable
stock exchange rules,  and the absence of any conflict of interest  (whether due
to a business or personal  relationship)  or legal impediment to, or restriction
on, the nominee serving as a director.
o Willingness to accept the nomination to serve as a director of the Company.
Other Factors for Potential Consideration
The Committee  will also consider the following  factors in connection  with its
evaluation of each prospective nominee:
o Whether  the  prospective  nominee  will  foster a  diversity  of  skills  and
o For  potential  Audit  Committee  members,  whether the nominee  possesses the
requisite  education,   training  and  experience  to  qualify  as  "financially
literate" or as an audit Committee  "financial  expert" under applicable SEC and
stock exchange rules.
o For incumbent  directors  standing for re-election,  the Nominating  Committee
will  assess  the  incumbent  director's  performance  during  his or her  term,
including the number of meetings attended,  level of participation,  and overall
contribution to the Company.
o  Composition  of Board and  whether  the  prospective  nominee  will add to or
complement the Board's existing strengths.
Process for Identifying, Evaluating and Recommending Nominees
o     The  Committee  initiates  the process by  preparing a slate of  potential
      candidates  who,  based  on  their  biographical   information  and  other
      information  available  to the  Committee,  appear  to meet  the  criteria
      specified above and/or who have specific  qualities,  skills or experience
      being sought (based on input from the full Board).
o     Outside  Advisors.  The Committee may engage a third-party  search firm or
      other advisors to assist in identifying prospective nominees.
o     Stockholder   Suggestions  for  Potential  Nominees.  The  Committee  will
      consider  suggestions  of nominees  from  stockholders.  Stockholders  may
      recommend  individuals for  consideration  by submitting the materials set
      forth below to the Company  addressed to the Chairman of the  Committee at
      the  Company's  address.  To be  timely,  the  written  materials  must be
      submitted  within  the time  permitted  for  submission  of a  stockholder
      proposal for  inclusion in the Company's  proxy  statement for the subject
      annual meeting.
o     The written  materials must include:  (1) all  information to relating the
      individual  recommended  that is  required  to be  disclosed  pursuant  to
      Regulation 14A under the Securities  Exchange Act of 1934  (including such
      person's  written  consent  to being  named in the  proxy  statement  as a
      nominee  and to serving as a director  if  elected);  (2) the  name(s) and
      address(es)  of the  stockholders  making the nomination and the amount of
      the Company's  securities  which are owned  beneficially  and of record by
      such stockholder(s); (3) appropriate biographical information (including a
      business  address  and a  telephone  number)  and a  statement  as to  the
      individual's qualifications, with a focus on the criteria described above;
      (4) a representation  that the stockholder of record is a holder of record
      of stock of the Company entitled to vote on the date of submission of such
      written  materials and (5) any material interest of the stockholder in the
o     The  Committee  will  evaluate  a  prospective  nominee  suggested  by any
      stockholder  in the same manner and against the same criteria as any other
      prospective nominee identified by the Committee from any other source.
o     Nomination of Incumbent Directors. The re-nomination of existing directors
      should  not be  viewed as  automatic,  but  should be based on  continuing
      qualification under the criteria set forth above.
o     For incumbent  directors  standing for  re-election,  the  Committee  will
      assess  the  incumbent  director's  performance  during  his or her  term,
      including the number of meetings  attended,  level of  participation,  and
      overall contribution to the Company; the number of other company Boards on
      which the  individual  serves,  composition of the Board at that time, and
      any changed circumstances affecting the individual director which may bear
      on his or her ability to continue to serve on the Board.
o     Management  Directors.  The number of officers or employees of the Company
      serving  at any time on the Board  should be  limited  such  that,  at all
      times, a majority of the directors is "independent"  under applicable SEC,
      stock exchange rules or over-the-counter market rules.
o     After reviewing appropriate  biographical  information and qualifications,
      first-time  candidates  will be  interviewed by at least one member of the
      Committee and by the Chief Executive Officer.
o     Upon completion of the above procedures, the Committee shall determine the
      list of  potential  candidates  to be  recommended  to the full  Board for
      nomination at the annual meeting.
The Board of Directors  will select the slate of nominees  only from  candidates
identified, screened and approved by the Committee.