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The purpose of the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee (the "Committee") of the Board of Directors (the "Board") of AsiaInfo Holdings, Inc. (the "Company") is to ensure that the Board is properly constituted to meet its fiduciary obligations to stockholders and the Company, and to ensure that the Company has and follows appropriate governance standards. To carry out this purpose, the Committee shall: (1) assist the Board by identifying prospective director nominees and recommending to the Board the director nominees for each annual meeting of stockholders; (2) develop and recommend to the Board the governance principles applicable to the Company; (3) oversee the evaluation of the Board and management; (4) recommend to the Board director nominees for each committee; and (5) establish and administer Board and committee member compensation policy.


  • Commencing February 27, 2004, the Committee shall replace and become the successor committee to the heretofore existing Nominating Committee of the Board.

  • The Committee shall have at least 2 members.

  • Except as otherwise permitted by law and unless otherwise specifically determined by the Board to be in the best interests of the Company, all members of the Committee must be independent.

    (1)For purposes of the Committee, a director will not be "independent"

    • unless the Board affirmatively determines that the director has no material relationship with the Company (other than as a director or shareholder), either directly or as a partner, shareholder or officer of an organization that has a material relationship with the Company,
    • if the director is a former employee of the Company, until three years after the employment ended,
    • if the director is, or in the past three years has been, affiliated with or employed by a present or former auditor of the Company (or present or former auditor of an affiliate of the Company), until three years after the end of either the affiliation or employment with the auditor or the auditing relationship,
    • if the director is, or in the past three years has been, part of an interlocking directorate in which an executive officer of the Company serves on the compensation committee of another company that employs the director, or
    • if the director has, or in the past three years has had, an immediate family member in any of the categories listed in (iii) or (iv).

  • The Board will designate a member of the Committee to be the chairman of the Committee.

  • The Committee will create its own rules of procedure, including rules regarding notice of meetings, quorum and voting.

  • The Committee may create subcommittees to perform particular functions, either generally or in specific instances.

  • Minutes will be kept with regard to each meeting of the Committee, which will record all actions taken by the Committee. Copies of the minutes of each meeting of the Committee will be sent to all members of the Committee.

Responsibilities and Powers

In order to carry out the purposes described above, the Committee will have the following duties.

  1. Any time the Committee is informed that the Board is considering adding a member to fill a vacancy or a newly created position, and any other time the Committee determines that the Board should consider adding a member, the Committee shall conduct a search for a person or persons to be added to the Board, and make recommendations to the Board as a result of the search.

  2. To the extent the Committee deems appropriate, the Committee shall retain search firms to assist in searches by the Committee for persons to be added to the Board.

  3. The Committee shall adopt criteria which the Committee will apply in its selection of new directors.

  4. At least annually, the Committee shall review the performance of each member of the Board.

  5. The Committee shall review the Board's annual evaluation of its own performance.

  6. The Committee shall consult from time to time with the Chairman of the Board to obtain his views about whether new members should be added to the Board and about whether current members should be re-nominated or replaced.

  7. The Committee shall develop and periodically review corporate governance guidelines relating to the membership and functioning of the Board of Directors and any other matters the Committee deems appropriate.

  8. The Committee shall recommend appropriate corporate governance guidelines, and any proposed changes to those corporate governance guidelines, to the Board.

  9. In connection with its development and review of corporate governance guidelines, the Committee shall consult with the Company's legal counsel (which may include either or both of the Company's internal and external legal counsel) about relevant legal requirements and consult other experts about any other matters the Committee deems appropriate in connection with its development and review of corporate governance guidelines.

  10. The Committee shall review with the Company's general counsel at least annually the extent to which the Company and its Directors are complying with the Company's corporate governance guidelines, and, if necessary, recommend to the Board steps to improve compliance with the corporate governance guidelines.

  11. The Committee shall conduct an annual evaluation of its own performance.

  12. The Committee shall conduct an annual review of this Charter and recommend to the Board any changes the Committee deems appropriate.

  13. The Committee shall ensure that independent members of the Board convene executive sessions regularly.

  14. The Committee shall evaluate and recommend termination of membership of individual directors in accordance with the Board's governance principles, for cause or for other appropriate reasons.

  15. The Committee shall review, approve and monitor the Company's code of ethics for senior financial officers.

  16. The Committee shall conduct an annual review on succession planning, report its findings and recommendations to the Board, and work with the Board in evaluating potential successors to executive management positions.

  17. The Committee shall make regular reports to the Board.


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