Whirlpool Corporation

Finance Committe Charter

The Finance Committee is comprised of directors, a majority of whom are not officers or employees of the Corporation or any subsidiary. The purpose of the Committee is to consider and make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding issues impacting the financial structure of the Corporation which are referred to the Committee by the Board of Directors, the Chairman of the Board, or which the Committee considers on its own initiative. The Committee shall meet as it considers necessary, but not less than two times per year. The scope of the Committee's duties and responsibilities include the following types of activities:

  1. Capital policies and strategies that set an acceptable capital structure for the consolidated company and major subsidiaries including:
  2. Regular review of the dividend action
  3. Review of policies regarding interest rate risk, foreign exchange risk, liquidity management and counterparty risk
  4. Review for adequacy the insurance coverage on the company's risks
  5. Review annually the business plan from the perspective of funds flow, capital expenditure and financing requirements
  6. Post audit review of capital investment projects
  7. Review and make recommendations on all mergers, acquisitions, disposals and other major financial transactions that require approval of the Board
  8. Review tax planning strategy and initiatives
  9. Oversight of the Pension Investment Committee with respect to pension plan investment policies including requirements to fund plans