The Procter & Gamble Company Board of Directors Finance Committee Charter



The Committee's Purpose. The Committee is appointed by the Board for the primary purpose of overseeing financial matters of importance to the company.



The Committee's Duties and Responsibilities. The Committee has the following duties and responsibilities.

Financial Planning. To review and make recommendations to the Board on financial matters, including:

The company's annual financing plans.

The company's global financing objectives and principles.

The company's financial strategies and capital structure, including interest rate, foreign exchange, and commodity risk management.

Funding and oversight of the company's pension and benefit plans.

The company's insurance program.

The implications of major investments, restructurings, joint ventures, acquisitions, and divestitures after they have been cleared in principle with the full Board.

Impacts of various finance activities on debt ratings.

Other Activities. To perform any other activities as the Committee deems appropriate, or as are requested by the Board, consistent with this charter, the company's bylaws and applicable law.

This Charter. To maintain and update, as appropriate, this charter, which will be published on the company's website.



Authority to Retain Experts. The Committee has the authority to select, direct and, if appropriate, terminate such experts as it deems necessary in the performance of its duties.



Evaluation of the Committee. Periodically, the Committee will evaluate how well it has fulfilled its purpose and will report its findings to the full Board.