2004 Committee Charter : HIG

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The Finance Committee (the "Committee") of the Board of Directors (the "Board") of The
Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. (the "Company") shall oversee all financial management
activities of the Company and its subsidiaries and ensure that such activities are executed in a
reasonable and prudent manner consistent with the Company's business objectives and in the
best interests of the Company's shareholders, policyholders and other constituents.
Committee oversight shall include review of:
1. Capital and liquidity management, including dividend policy;
2. Investment management activities, including investment results of the Company's
pension and other benefit plans;
3. Financial risk management; and
4. Financial derivatives strategy.
The Committee may fulfill its responsibilities, in part, by promulgating guidelines and delegating
The Committee shall be composed of three or more Directors. Committee members shall meet
such other criteria as are adopted from time to time by the Board. The members of the
Committee shall be appointed by the Board on the recommendation of the Nominating and
Corporate Governance Committee annually, or as required upon the resignation, death,
incapacity or removal of a member of the Committee. Committee members may be replaced by
the Board at any time. The Committee shall have a chairman who is elected by the Board
annually or upon the resignation, death, incapacity or removal of the current chairman. The
position of Committee chairman shall rotate at least every three years among the members of the
Committee at the time of such rotation.
The Committee will meet at least twice a year either in conjunction with the regular meetings of
the Board of Directors or at such other time as is necessary. The agenda of each meeting will be
the responsibility of the Chief Financial Officer, with the assistance of the Corporate Secretary
(with input from the Committee chairman and other members, as well as the Chief Executive
Officer) and will be circulated to each Committee member along with the appropriate materials
for the meeting.
One-third of the members of the Committee, but not less than two, will constitute a quorum. The
act of a majority of the members present at any meeting at which a quorum is present shall be the
act of the Committee. The Committee will meet at the call of its chairman or two of its
members. The chairman will preside, when present, at all meetings of the Committee. The
Corporate Secretary will keep a record of the Committee's meetings and the Committee
chairman will report on them to the Board.
Members of the Committee may participate in a meeting of the Committee by conference call or
similar communications arrangements that enable all persons participating in the meeting to hear
each other. The Committee may also take action by subcommittee and written consent.