2003 Committee Charter : ATR

AptarGroup, Inc. Board of Directors
Executive Committee Charter
Mission Statement
The Executive Committee (the "Committee") shall be appointed by the Board of
Directors to perform the duties and exercise the powers delegated to it by the
The Committee shall be comprised of three or more directors. The members of
the Committee shall be appointed by the Board for such term or terms as the
Board may determine. A chairperson of the Committee shall be designated by
the Board.
The Committee shall meet with such frequency and at such intervals as it shall
determine is necessary to carry out its duties and responsibilities. The
Committee will meet at such times as determined by its chairperson.
Each member of the Committee shall have one vote. A majority of the members
of the Committee shall constitute a quorum. The Committee shall be authorized
to take any permitted action only by the affirmative vote of a majority of the
Committee members present at any meeting at which a quorum is present, or by
the unanimous written consent of all of the Committee members.
Roles and Responsibilities
The Committee shall:
1. Exercise all of the power and authority delegated to it by the Board under
the by-laws (consistent with the requirements and limitations of Delaware
law) when the Board is not in session and in the judgment of the
Committee calling an in-person or telephonic special Board meeting is
impractical or unnecessary.
2. Review and reassess the adequacy of this Charter annually and
recommend any proposed changes to the Board for approval.
3. Conduct an annual performance evaluation of the Committee.
4. Report to the Board on a regular basis and make such recommendations
with respect to any matters as the Committee deems necessary or