Audit Committee Charter

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Audit Committee Members




  • Edward N. Perry - Chair
  • Barbara L. Johnson
  • William J. Scholle
  • Philip G. Weaver - Financial Expert


This charter establishes the responsibilities of the Audit Committee (“Committee”) of the Board of Directors (“Board”) of Bemis Company, Inc. (“Company”). The Committee has oversight responsibility for the integrity and fair presentation of the Company’s financial reporting. The Committee is directly responsible for the selection, compensation and oversight of the work of the Company’s registered public accounting firm. The Committee will meet with financial executive management, registered public accounting firm and internal audit manager to assess the Company’s internal controls and the registered public accounting firm’s independence.


The Committee shall consist of a minimum of three (3) Company Directors. Each member shall meet the independence requirements of the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”) listing requirements and the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”), each as in effect from time to time. The members and the Chair shall be appointed by the Board. If the Chair is not present at a meeting the members may designate a Chair for the meeting by majority vote.


Each Committee member must be financially literate. Financial literacy is defined as capable of reading and understanding financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flow and a statement of stockholders’ equities). At least one of the Committee members must be financially sophisticated. Financially sophisticated is defined as:

  1. trained in accounting or finance
  2. having held management position(s) in accounting or finance
  3. having an oversight responsibility for the accounting or finance function as a senior operational executive

The Committee shall aspire to have at least one member who is an “audit committee financial expert” as defined by the SEC. Committee members shall not serve simultaneously on the audit committees of more than three public companies.

Oversight Responsibilities

The Committee recognizes that the preparation of the Company’s financial statements and other financial information is the responsibility of the Company’s management. The auditing, or conducting limited reviews, of those financial statements and other financial information is the responsibility of the Company’s registered public accounting firm. The Company’s financial executive management and its registered public accounting firm, in the exercise of their responsibilities, acquire greater knowledge and more detailed information about the Company and its financial affairs than the members of the Committee. Consequently, the Committee is not responsible for providing any expert or other special assurance as to the Company’s financial statements and other financial information.

The Committee’s responsibility is to oversee the financial reporting process and practices of the Company and to assist the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities to the shareholders, potential shareholders and the investment community to ensure the corporate accounting and reporting practices of the Company are in accordance with all applicable requirements. The Committee members do not represent themselves to be experts in the field of accounting, auditing or financial reporting. As such, they are not expected to conduct “field work” or other types of technical reviews to assure themselves to the quality of work performed. The Committee shall be entitled to rely upon the integrity of the Company’s financial executive management, internal audit manager and its registered public accounting firm. Should financial executive management, the internal audit manager or its registered public accounting firm become aware that information provided to the Committee cannot be relied upon, that party has the responsibility to promptly report such findings to the Committee and the Board.

In carrying out its oversight responsibilities, the Committee shall:

The Audit Committee shall work with financial executive management of the Company to establish and maintain appropriate procedures to implement this responsibility.


The Committee shall meet at least four times a year. At each regularly scheduled Committee meeting, the Company’s financial executive management shall be present along with the registered public accounting firm and internal audit manager (in person or via telephone). At each meeting the Committee may meet privately with any of the above parties. During these meetings financial executive management, registered public accounting firm and internal audit manager shall report to the Committee on items specified in the Oversight Responsibilities section of this Charter or other matters determined by the Committee. At each meeting an individual will be assigned the responsibility to act as Secretary for the purpose of recording notes. The Committee will communicate with the Board through presentations during the next Board Meeting and/or by submission of the Minutes of the Audit Committee meetings to the Board. The Committee has the authority to meet in addition to the regularly scheduled meetings if matters merit such a meeting.

Responsibilities to the Board

It is the responsibility of the Committee to annually review the audited financial statements to be included in the Annual Report to the SEC (10-K Report). The Committee must vote to recommend to the entire Board the inclusion of the audited financial statements in the Company’s Annual Report to the SEC. At the next available Board meeting the Chair will make a motion before the entire Board recommending the inclusion of the audited financial statements in the Company’s Annual Report to the SEC.

The Committee is required to include a report in the Company’s annual proxy statement. This report must be prepared to meet the reporting requirements of the SEC and the NYSE. The name of each member of the Committee must appear below the report in the proxy statement.

The registered public accounting firm is ultimately responsible to the Board and the Committee as representatives of the shareholders. Therefore, it is the Committee’s responsibility to annually recommend to the Board the appointment of the registered public accounting firm for approval by the shareholders.

As Amended February 2, 2005